Pairodox in Pictures … another retrospective

This gallery is comprised of a number of  images which show what it is that Pairodox Farm has been about since its inception in 1989. Hovering over an image will reveal its title;  clicking an image you will take you to a carousel view and you can then move forward and back as you choose. Clicking the small x in the upper left will bring you back to the gallergy view. Thanks for viewing.

8 thoughts on “Pairodox in Pictures … another retrospective

    • Hey there OA … it’s always a delight to see new folks pop-up in my comments section. I appreciate your visit and the time it took for you to comment. Our philosophy here has always focused on the quality of the life that our animals lead. Having them outside and grazing natural pastures make us believe we are raising them in the most sustainable and humane way possible. We would have it no other way. Thanks for your words of support and appreciation. D

  1. Wow! I flipped along through all of these, must take a closer look later, and they are just so much fun and it felt like taking a tour! Also, did you guys change your theme? The blog has a fresh look! It looks great!

    • Thanks … you’d never seen the photo collection before? Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks also for the thumbs-up regarding the change of theme. I see that Wing and a Prayer has had a bit of a face-lift as well. I got frustrated by the way Photography was rendering my images. Jumped ship to Nishita which, I think, does a better job. I’m still fiddling with things – but that’s just a bad habit of mine. Thanks for your helpful reply to my ‘dark’ comments about people and about the world in general. You are right … tomorrow is another day and perhaps the sun will shine. We can only hope. Again … very good luck with the to-do you’ve got scheduled … I’m very sure it’ll be a great time. D

      • Yup, hard to believe I’d never looked at the gallery before!

        Anyway, today’s hoped-for beautiful finish is to a less-than-beautiful beginning as we are putting 5 lambs in the freezer and this is my least favorite time of the farm year. I have more turkeys to process on Thursday of this week for Christmas delivery, and I am more settled with that than today’s activity.

        So far it is not as cold as it had been yesterday, sort of “smell” the snow in the air.

        So I look forward to 7:30 tonight when I can be transported, temporarily, to a completely different place!

        Hope your Sunday is pleasant.

  2. Congratulations, you’ve done it. You have made farming look easy! But you’ve also made it look rewarding, exciting, educational and fun, which are all 100% true.

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