Unabashed Lepidopteran flamboyance.

11 thoughts on “Cecropia

  1. Congratulations on your unique phrase: a Google search a minute ago for “Unabashed Lepidopteran flamboyance” turned up zero hits. Now the question is why that search didn’t find this post.

  2. I was just mentioning these caterpillars’ plumpiness to someone on my blog. I know the extras are supposedly ladybug mimics, but they always make them seem like little clowns to me.

  3. It’s been quite some time since I remembered the “Cooties” we played with as kids. I can’t help wondering if they might have been modeled after these extraordinary creatures. “Unabashed” is just the right word.

    • Oh my! Cooties! I remember Cooties! If not for your comment I would never, ever, have been able to tell you the name of those little plastic creatures we all used to play with – seemingly endlessly.

  4. I just googled Cecropia. We saw this moth one year up in Ogunquit. It was huge! I would never have know that this is what the “precursor” looks like. Hard to believe you can find those colors in nature .. I am more used to reds, pinks and yellows.

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