42.9891° N, 70.6142° W

It is this place to which I compare all others.

17 thoughts on “42.9891° N, 70.6142° W

  1. It looks so smooth and pristine in this image but you can still glimpse the slimy algae, razor sharp rocks and shells, and gritty sand that would greet your toes if you ventured beneath the surface of the water. It’s such a beautiful and chaotic ecosystem and you captured all of it!

    • You are correct, bloodied toes await those who dare to venture into the pools or intertidal without proper footwear! Turns out that, with bad knees, my tripod (fully extended and locked) is a handy and effective tool for getting down the rocks and across the weed.

  2. Spectacular setting. The Maine coast is so ruggedly beautiful. And I read that you and Joanna met there so besides the other qualities it is emotionally special as well.

    • Yes, I was just telling Steve(2) that Joanna and I aren’t much for recognizing our wedding anniversary, but the annual pilgrimage to the Shoals is surely special to us. Her family has a long association with Appledore (where my recent images were taken) and she and I met on Star … to the south. Appledore is in Maine and Star is in New Hampshire. The group (of these two and a few other smaller bits of ground) is about 10 miles off the coast of Portsmouth … a good hour out by ferry.

      • Wow, I am honored to be Steve (1). 🙂 Mary Beth and I met while working in the Diamond Match Factory in Springfield, MA. The place is now closed down but we don’t miss it. We are very happy to consider Acadia as our special place and, at least for now, it is our intention to spend eternity there when our ashes are cast to the wind. I never heard of Appledore or Star Island until now but maybe I’ll get to one or the other some day.

    • Thanks so much Linda. Although the image was captured on Appledore Island, the Isles of Shoals surely has special significance for Joanna and me … we met on Star Island … in the summer of 1980 – and the rest, as they say, is history.

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