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I first thought of Wiwaxia. But, it could not be. Although Wiwaxia and this animal are approximately the same size, the former lived nearly 500 million years ago and paleontologists have not yet been able to determine whether it was an Annelid or a Mollusc. This animal is surely an Arthropod, the caterpillar of Acronicta americana, the American Dagger Moth.

6 thoughts on “Untitled 003

  1. I admire the skill with which you capture small creatures going about their daily activities. Your images allow nature to POP off the screen. Well done.

  2. Can’t help myself, since I am not a scientist and I often see things for their humor rather than their reality, images like this always bring quickly to mind Mr. Kilroy. I never heard of Wiwaxia so the link was a nice surprise. They were very intersting creatures.

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