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10 thoughts on “Untitled 002

  1. I’m thinking wood — perhaps old laminate — pulling itself apart over time, with some moldy color thrown in for good measure. But what I saw first was yarn or thread, either pulled apart in an old garment or hanging after being dyed.

    • Perhaps I should have included a bit of prose with this image. You are correct, however. A tree had fallen and split. The pieces shifted relative to one another but remained connected.

    • I’m having a difficult time figuring out just what I see in this one. Given all that I’m supposed to know about secondary growth in mature dicots I can’t figure, in a technical sense, what these laminations represent. At first I thought they were exposed, deformed, growth rings … but, no, that cannot be. Any suggestions? Surely the tree split and the sections shifted, relative to one another- still connected. What the connecting, and deformed, tissues are (technically) … I cannot say.

      • I’ve seen this with cordwood that hasn’t entirely split although not quite as interestingly so. Bodies of fibers separated but not severed, maybe from falling. At least that’s my guess.

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