Kniffiti ..

.. is also referred to as yarn bombing. Who knew?

14 thoughts on “Kniffiti ..

  1. By the way, when I click to see comments on some of your recent posts, starting with the one on fleabane and going back from there, the comments don’t show up. I tried with two browsers, Firefox and Safari, with the same results. I can see the comments on this post, of course, as well as leave a comment.

    • I checked Fleabane and found that you are correct. I can’t figure, for the life of me, why those comments won’t show. If you’ve got an idea, please let me know.

      • In the WordPress editor for a post there’s a Discussion section that includes a checkbox titled “Allow comments”. Might that box have somehow gotten unchecked in the posts for which comments aren’t showing up?

  2. I love the color/B&W contrast! This must take even more skill than traditional graffiti … you’d have to scuttle over to secretly take your measurements, produce the yarn bombs, and then scuttle back to attach them!

  3. It’s been around since about 2004 or 2005, and actually began in Houston. A local artist, Magda Sayeg, is generally credited with beginning the movement. Coincidentally, I saw Louise Bourgeois’s sculpture, Maman, at Crystal Bridges of American Art in June, and Sayeg was the one who yarn bombed it in Tokyo.

    Knifitti is a new term for me; I’ve never come across it, even though I have friends who’ve indulged in the practice. The bicycle’s fun. A big oak near me was done once, but the knitters who did it only left it for about two weeks and then removed it, to avoid any possible damage to the tree. The code is to do it very carefully around anything living; objects like the sculpture and bicycle are favored.

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