The specific epithet of this orchid, psycodes, is misspelled. Psychodes means butterfly-like.

7 thoughts on “Platanthera

  1. My psyche sees more a bird than a butterfly.

    This isn’t the first misspelled epithet I’ve come across. A species of smartweed in Austin is Polygonum pensylvanicum. I guess for botanists the Pen is mightier than the Penn.

  2. To me, Psychodes would be a crazy dragonflies. But it makes for a lovely orchid too. I’ve not seen nearly enough wild orchids and this is one of those I’ve missed. Lucky you.

  3. So ethereal looking! It is definitely butterfly like. Reminds me of a fairy with the “wings” and color. A beautiful way to start my day!

  4. The variety of orchids continues to amaze me, and this one’s especially lovely. I like the way you’ve isolated one, and kept the background from being too busy. I must say, I can’t see a butterfly, no matter how hard I try. Taken as a whole the flower simply looks like itself, which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    As for the spelling, I had an amusing thought. Given the occasional craziness of taxonomists, perhaps we’re reading the specific epithet wrongly. “Psych ode” — perhaps a paean to those who manage to keep finding new names — would be a wonderful joke.

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