Hospital cove ..

.. at morning tide.

8 thoughts on “Hospital cove ..

  1. Nice intimate shot, David. While sweeping vistas make for great images, so too the intimate smaller shot. I like this as it is something many people would not stop to notice.

    • Thank you, thank you bluebrightly. It’s so nice to see a fresh ‘face’ (or gravatar, I suppose) in my comments section. If you read back into the archives of this blog, you will find that I have, on several occasions, been lacking in motivation to keep going. The primary reason being that I have found it difficult to attract a wider audience to my work. So, you see, seeing bluebrightly surely brightened my day. Thank you, again, for taking the time time to click and to comment.

      • The audience does make a difference, doesn’t it? It seems that if one wants a good number of people to visit, one has to do the same, so over the years I’ve visited quite a few blogs, and commented when I like what I see. People reciprocate. Then there are times like this, when I notice an interesting comment on someone’s blog (or even a cool gravatar!) so I check it out. It can be time consuming! But gratifying in the long run, to me anyway.

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