I like getting things done and delight in being busy. So, it was with mixed emotion that I agreed when she suggested that we take time to get away. I have always considered, to some extent at least, vacationing to be an irresponsible use of one’s time, for surely there are more constructive things to be done. Vacations, it seemed, only took us away from what we would, or should, be doing.

We visited the walled city at Avignon and sat beneath Sycamores. She lunched on duck rillettes.

We stopped at Goudargues. He said it was pretty. It was beautiful.

Llavender bloomed in joyous interruption of the dry, undulating, countryside. The sun warmed the thin skin of the earth and Rosemary and Thyme perfumed the air above it.

Perhaps I began to get used to days with a different pace. Perhaps I began to loosen my grip on responsibility. Perhaps this vacation had been restorative. Perhaps. I do not know.

4 thoughts on “Goudargues

  1. I am a bit confused. It seems that you have left the farm.

    Do you miss the busy-ness of the farm, where the list of jobs is endless?

    Wishing you well on your travels.

    • Yes .. we moved off the farm in 2015! We still have poultry, however, and raise laying hens, roasters, and turkeys. With regard to all of the other animals … I tell folks that I do miss the animals themselves, but not the work involved in keeping them all fed and healthy. My wife and I area nearly 60 now and our help (our two girls) left the farm quite a few years ago. It was just getting to be too much – for not a whole lot of financial return. Thanks for asking. D

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