I looked for a perfect one. With equally-spaced petals. Without blemish or unpleasant asymmetry. The sun warmed the back of my neck as I walked along the path in search of what I would not find. How foolish. Nature isn’t like that. It is subject to vagaries and limits at all scales. So too are our lives, complex, messy, and perhaps not quite as we’d like. But therein, as with this Fleabane flower, we find interest and beauty.

10 thoughts on “Fleabane

  1. This is just gorgeous!! I have seen it before but never knew its name! Love the colors. You are spot on with your commentary. We just have to accept what is! I am working on that …

  2. Beautiful! It’s funny how we’re programmed to seek out and prefer symmetrical, ´perfect’ things, even though as you observe, true perfection doesn’t really exist in nature. I always struggle to find the beauty in chaos, but you’ve framed it perfectly here!

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