My surroundings reminded me of an animated film in which a group of magical people battled to save their rain forest home from logging. Fern Gully is just one of several such films which promulgate messages of global ecology and sustainability. I suppose, half a century earlier, Bambi may have been the first.

We had been to this place before and I should have brought my waders. My shoes and socks were wet, so I crossed the brook and walked to a place where the stream bed was wide. As I turned to meet her, I was struck by the beauty of the riparian plane. The sun was high and had begun its descent into afternoon. Light illuminated the ferns as if something burned within each one. I photographed a number of plants in the usual way, which I did not like. How else could I capture the graceful symmetry of my subject? I wondered something similar as I worked to photograph the Showy Lady’s Slipper; the solution there was to record the flamboyance from behind. In this instance, getting above my subject seemed the thing to do.

4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. You always seem to be able to find new ways of photographing familiar things! The green here is spectacular! I hope your shoes and socks have dried!

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