Fern, form and function

Why stem and rachis, root and rhizome, and leaves and pinnae, I cannot say. No matter nomenclature, I appreciate the rachis for its lazy arch, the graceful elegance of pinnae, and the feel of stored potential expressed in the crozier. This plant will release spores that will germinate and give rise to one that looks quite different. When mature, the gametophyte will release egg and sperm which fuse to then develop into the familiar frond once again. To what end? I cannot say.

4 thoughts on “Fern, form and function

  1. Wonderful details. I’m always fascinated by the unfurling of ferns – they look like ancient creatures rising from the earth. So nice to see you back. We have some catching up to do! 🙂 I have thought of you, hoping you are doing well. I have had quite an unexpected year myself thanks to very good fortune and care.

  2. Love the simplicity of this fern. I can imagine it framed, hanging on a wall somewhere. It commands attention!

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