Although not a subject that I particularly favor, once in a while a bird will strike a pose that I cannot ignore. We encountered this one on Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals.  The call of the Herring Gull has been described as harsh but, if I close my eyes, I hear instead a beautiful, and evocative refrain.

7 thoughts on “Larus

  1. I confess little affection for the herring gull, since I’ve seen them lunch on baby ducks. Even allowing for the need of every creature to eat, these seem to take just a little too much pleasure in their food. But the photo is a fine one, and it captures that haughty “I’ll do as I please” demeanor.

    • Yup … you are surely correct in that the species is in possession of a somewhat darker side as well … I liked to play up what I saw, or heard, as their lighter side. Giving them the benefit of doubt in this instance.

  2. It would appear that you are able to photograph birds as well as you do humans. Individuals of this species always look so haughty and austere, ready to swoop down and steal your lunch in a flash. Great color and composition.

  3. I’m so glad to be hearing from you again. Your photographs are beautiful, and your prose is inspiring.

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