Upon a Star

A dear friend wrote …  although we can’t eliminate stress, we can change the way in which we react to it. Doing something for yourself may seem indulgent, even selfish, but not doing is akin to making the choice to let stress run your life. You need to recommit to a hobby, anything that lets you unwind. If photography feels self-indulgent, do it in spite of the feeling and view it as a way of taking care of yourself.

So be it.

This is a special Star indeed. We visited, to breath the air and to be reminded. We walked granitic pavements, worn smooth by the elements and fractured by the same. Peering into pools, colorful, and alive; the surrounding cacophony of bird calls, wind, and ocean song reminded us that we were at sea. Distant enough to feel removed. We were restored.

12 thoughts on “Upon a Star

  1. How nice to find your beautiful photos gracing my inbox again. I must say, the header photo is glorious. On a hot Texas afternoon, I can fairly feel what I imagine to be cool air and water. The color is especially appealing, as is the texture of the rocks in the second photo.

  2. I’ve not been participating in blogging lately, but was quite pleased to see an entry from you and couldn’t resist. Your choice of subject is both intriguing and mesmerizing for the countless facets the eye can rest upon. I hope that your absence has been for benign reasons, as has mine, and more entries will be forthcoming.

    • Yeah … I can’t explain why I’ve been finding it difficult to locate the motivation to blog. I think you said it in one of your posts when you said that you felt you’d lost you ‘Blogging Mojo.’ It became too easy NOT to get out with the camera and write. As I get older I suppose I find it too easy to NOT do stuff. If you haven’t been blogging, have you at least been out with the camera? I hope so. Good to hear from you.

  3. I agree with the scrappytraveler! 🙂 If you can’t find happiness in everyday life, it’s going to a long, miserable one! Something magical about the coastline. The granite reminds me of Pemberton and the cove in Ogunquit.

  4. Welcome back, Dave! 🙂 What a beautiful ‘fractal’ cavity – containing repeatedly smaller copies of itself, in a sense! I also like the new header image – it breathes freedom, relief, and adventure!

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