Though the cross-quarter has passed, temperatures have been moderate. They do dip into the twenties at night however and frost forms when there is sufficient moisture in the air. No match for solar radiation, solid water gives way. Droplets form. These disappear as the air warms and humidity drops. Water is never far away though and returns, in solid form, come morning.

leaf1 leaf2

6 thoughts on “Ephemera

  1. I’ve never heard the phrase “cross-quarter.” Equinox and solstice, yes, but not the mid-points that Wiki describes. Are references to cross-quarters common in New England? I’m wondering if the term is regional, part of a Celtic heritage, or due to an uncommon number of Wiccans up that way. 🙂

    That aside, i very much like this pairing of photos. The combination of peach and gray is wonderful. We’ve not had any frost yet, but there are vague mutterings about a cold front this weekend that may drop our temperatures into the 40s. A local meteorologist posted a poll, asking if 40 degrees qualified as “cool” or “cold.” When I happened across it, 67% of respondents (a couple of hundred or so) said, “Cold.”

    • Forty qualifies as ‘mild’ in my view. Cool is high 20s, and cold is teens and below. We are still living in the camper as the house nears completion. As it happens, we are planning on winterizing the unit as ‘cool’ temperatures are predicted for after Thanksgiving … the last thing we need is frozen pipes.

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