What cork cambium and solar flares have in common

Dicotyledonous plants growth up (via primary growth) and out (via secondary growth). Increases in circumference cause splitting of the bark which stimulates the cork cambium to fill the gaps. I wonder what the surface of a birch would look like if you could film it in time-lapse. I imagine that the surface might appear to mix and churn and roil up. It would look similar to the apparent mixing and churning which takes place on the surface of the sun as the star’s rotation causes lines of magnetism to merge, creating explosions which surge from the surface. While solar flares dance for minutes or hours, the dynamics of the surface of a birch occur over a time horizon 100s, 1000s, or even 10,000 times longer.


9 thoughts on “What cork cambium and solar flares have in common

  1. If we look hard enough I believe there seems a similarity or relationship between much of nature (I have read about but can’t give examples such as yours) despite the uniqueness of each species.

    • In the immediate (i.e., you are traveling there now) or in the more distant past? If you are there now … I envy you your excursion. I visited once and now wish I had had the ‘good’ camera with me at the time.

      • We’re in the East Bay area now, so those visits were yesterday and two days earlier. Unfortunately we’ve had cloudy skies and intermittent rain.

        I have a good camera with me now but took so many pictures that the laptop’s hard drive filled up. My first task this morning is to zip over to Costco and get a second external hard drive

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