Inside and out

I enjoy capturing images of abandoned structures. I enjoy capturing images of them in ways which juxtapose their interiors and exteriors. My inclination is to process these using selective desaturation as a way of enhancing the contrast between these two spaces. Maybe this helps to emphasize the difference between that which we cannot know, the history of the structure, and the realities of the current moment. Click any image in the gallery to see each in a carousel.

11 thoughts on “Inside and out

  1. I like your thought process … the desaturation of part of the image DOES make it seem like past and present in one! Never thought of it that way. Amazing how important texture and clarity are to these pictures. A really lovely montage!!

  2. If it’s abandoned buildings you’re after, then go west, young man, go west. We also saw a depressing number of recently abandoned ones in Gary, Indiana, when we passed through there in June. Even decrepitude and dilapidation are food for photographers, as you’ve shown.

  3. I find this contrast very interesting … and stunning, that both the colored background of the wood and building are in sharp focus! Like an overlay of two different images, or better like removing the third spatial dimension (depth) and sort of adding the fourth dimension of time instead, in a subtle way, via the contrast of living trees and ‘dead’ building.

    • Thanks Steve. Sometimes I simply do what I like without regard to established standards for what is appropriate for someone claiming to be a nature photographer. You are an important source of critique, criticism, comments, and support. I always appreciate your observations.

      • That you are aware of the “standards” and choose to operate outside those guidelines is exactly what you should be doing to express yourself artistically. I tend to stay within them a bit too much.

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