A matter of degree



5 thoughts on “A matter of degree

  1. A perfect equilateral triangle! Do you see such features when you take the photo or only when processing later? Or maybe my question is more general: Do you ‘see’ things as they will appear in your artistic photos later or do you more feel like a, say, impressionist painter?

    • That’s a good question Elke. I’ve never really thought about process … but your question has made me do so. when out with the camera, I focus mostly on composition .. and I can be rather compulsive about it. I like proportions to be correct, I like balance, I like symmetry. I don’t often have to correct for mistakes in composition during processing. Processing often allows me to correct for any unevenness in exposure across the image … and that is something that is difficult to control in the field. So, clearly, the answer to you question is ‘yes,’ I do see ‘stuff’ when I’m in the field. I cannot think of an instance when a thing simply appeared … something that I hadn’t seen previously. Thanks for asking.

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