View to the east

Route 88, eastbound, near Worcester.


19 thoughts on “View to the east

    • It’s tough to provide advice since I’m not as convinced as you seem to be that my photos are anything special. I did take a look at ‘themindofmoblog’ and have a few suggestions. First, I can’t really be sure if you’ve been using a tripod. If you don’t have one, get one. Also, think about using a Polarizer when appropriate and think about techniques which employ Neutral Density filters (which will allow for long exposures, smaller apertures and good color saturation). Are you doing any post-processing? If not, perhaps you can investigate something like Adobe Lightroom. And, finally, I have always found the suggestions of fellow photographer Steve Schwartzman to be very useful … see them here ( If you’ve ever got specific questions just ask, I’ll see if I can help.

      • Thank you so much for the resource! A tripod is on the to-buy list this weekend – there were so many times that I wished I had had one while exploring last Saturday. Thank you again, I’m sure I will be in touch!

  1. What a beautiful image. The color is starting in Arkansas now, but it’s still quite scattered. The hillsides aren’t nearly as spectacular as yours. Still, there are nice views to be had, especially on the back roads and in the wildlife management areas. Tomorrow, I leave the mountains, and head to the prairies. I guess the oceans, white with foam, will have to wait just a bit.

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