Portrait ..

.. of Autumn.


20 thoughts on “Portrait ..

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to send along the positive response tree girl. Joanna spent a bit of time traveling Australia and Tasmania. She remembers ‘the light’ in your part of the world as being a photographer’s dream. She and I would both like to get back there … some day, perhaps.

  1. A rare shot indeed. It takes a seasoned eye to actually look at the world and then capture moments like this. This photo brightened my day.

    • Hi Sally … I dropped in at thelensandi to discover that you are an accomplished photographer indeed. That being the case, your reaction to today’s post really brightened MY day. Thanks so much and don’t hesitate to drop by again to offer comment and critique. Dave

  2. OMG. This is ridiculous. I LOVE the juxtaposition of the gnarly bark, soft foliage and delicate webs! I may need a version sent to me for printing. You are a master. The fall color is an artist’s delight!

  3. Are those thickened portions in the middle of the webs stabilimenta? I just found my first circular one about a month ago, and was completely entranced. Here, the colors of the trees set them off to particularly good effect.

    • Hi Linda … my answer to you good question is I don’t know! Perhaps if I knew what species produced this particular web I might know if the center elements were a usual part of its construction. Thanks, as always, for checking in. Do you have a boat in the water? And, if so, was it all influenced by Matthew? We were worried about the summer place at Cape Cod … but it now looks as if we’re in the clear.

      • We weren’t at all affected by Matthew. The atmospheric conditions — including a frontal passage — conspired to keep the storm well away from Texas, and the Gulf generally. As for boats in the water, come Thursday,there will be about 150 on their way from Galveston to Port Aransas, taking part in the biggest regatta of the year. For once, they’ll have nearly perfect conditions, or so it seems. Last year had to be written off because of weather. So it goes.

        • I’ve never been one for cruising and have always had a penchant for small, wet, boats. I’ve recently become hooked on a series of YouTube videos about the, perhaps not-so-recent, fad of hydrofoiling (mostly in catamarans). If I were 20 or 30 years younger I’d be itching to try.

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