Long ago we walked east to watch the stars.
The Nereids sang as I held her hand.
A lifetime later, we walked again. This time by light of day.
I held her hand and knew that not a thing had changed.


20 thoughts on “Omphalos

  1. And I don’t think we need an Oracle to tell us that you’ll make that walk again: no doubt hand in hand. A beautiful photo, and touching words.

    I must say, the foreground of your photo seemed ever so familiar. I couldn’t pinpoint it, until I happened to catch sight of the image in your header. That’s why the rocks looked like creatures to me at first.

    • I wonder what sort of nearshore algae you have there in Texas. This is a brown alga Ascophyllum. It is quite common on the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine. And, yes, we hope very much to get to the islands again next summer.

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