A cornucopia of mycological delight

Although the weather is now cool and dry ...
... the preceding weeks have been hot and humid.
The fungi ...
... have been delighted.

13 thoughts on “A cornucopia of mycological delight

  1. The second photo calls to mind a pile of freshly baked empanadas, and the third a baked custard pie that wrinkled a bit after being taken from the oven. Perhaps it’s time for breakfast — but not before admiring these photos for another minute or two, and being just a touch envious of those two little words: ‘cool,’ and ‘dry.’

    • Yes. It has not taken us long to determine that the move to Vermont from Pennsylvania was a good one … on so many levels. Temperatures are now dropping into the lower 50s at night and not really climbing out of the lower 80s during the ‘heat’ of the day. We’re enjoying it and even looking FORWARD to winter this year.

  2. You can even make FUNGI look beautiful! Colors and shapes of these remind me a bit of donuts, pretzels and pastry! The texture of the background’s bark and needles add to the interest. At least SOMETHING good has come from the hazy, hot and humid!! I am welcoming the cooler, crispies with open arms.

  3. I have a special fondness for fungi, photographs of them, and taking photographs of them. I especially like the 3rd one … it looks particularly delicious, although I have no idea whether or not it is. I have always wanted to learn to identify different species, and have many sources on hand to do so, but have never gotten very far with it. 🙂

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