Lesser purple fringed orchis

I do not believe in portent and thought it simple coincidence when a Scarlet Tanager flew past the very first time we walked the farm. I was made to wonder, however, when another visited when we first explored the wood at this new place.

He said that he had glimpsed fringed orchis along the road. She took the news as a sure omen of good things to come.

And so it has been.


15 thoughts on “Lesser purple fringed orchis

  1. The enlarged image shows the detail of the fringe so beautifully, and the color is luscious. I like the way you’ve offset the flowers a bit, and included a swath of green.

    I think this must be Platanthera psycodes. The reference to Psyche, represented as a butterfly or winged fairy, is perfect. Still, my first impression was of a little doll, like those made by girls in Liberia. Even the matching head wrap is there, making it a very stylish flower, indeed.

    • Thanks once again for your thoughtful observations and comments Linda. You are correct, Platanthera psycodes it is! Surely the reference to a butterfly works but so too does the image of a little doll that I can see in my mind’s eye (sort of like Carmen Miranda).

  2. Your use of the third person is so effective – and affecting … I’m thinking of borrowing it and trying it out for a short story – if that’s OK with you. It gives your prose a mysterious quality … tangible but not quite … like trying to catch a floating dandelion seed, caught on the wind. Your photography’s not bad either!

    • You know Jenny, I’ve had someone who knows about such things suggest that I had a very difficult time accepting praise. And she was, of course, correct. I have always found it to be unpleasant. I shrug it off as nonsense … and I don’t know why. Your words, however, are different somehow. Thank you for your praise. It is encouraging.

      • I’m glad, because I wouldn’t like to think I’d made you feel uncomfortable. I have had students who have similar reactions to praise and it seems to be those who have high expectations of themselves. We tread carefully … 😉

  3. It’s been a while since I have seen one of these. Of course, had I a Tanager spotter it might not have been so long. I’ve always seen the individual blooms as tiny dancers.

  4. Another beauty. I can imagine this enlarged and matted. Photos of single-stemmed botanical prints are very in. Must figure out a way to market your art! Your followers continue to be spoiled. Glad you’ve had these good omens. You certainly deserve the good fortune that accompanies them!

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