Evening shore

We walked, around and to the southwest.

To watch the surf, pulled by tide and compelled by wind.

Sand, bits of shell, and other tiny things caught in swirl and eddy.

To settle in unplanned arrangements.


14 thoughts on “Evening shore

  1. Amazing – both the poetry and the image have an ‘unexpected ending’ … I did not see the lower part of the image first, only having scrolled down … and the correspondence of text and image was perfect then!

  2. Fascinating! Somehow painterly and hyper-realistic at the same time. The ability to settle in unplanned arrangements – precisely “settle in” (and not “settle for” (I have to review prepositions frequently 🙂 but am doing well!) – this is a good faculty to have.

    • I am reminded of the comment of Lord Peter Wimsey (thanks to Dorothy Sayers) who said … “… Suppose you are advertising lemonade, or, not to be invidious, we will say perry. If you say ‘Our perry is made from fresh-plucked pears only,’ then it’s got to be made from pears only, or the statement is actionable; if you just say it is made ‘from pears,’ without the ‘only,’ the betting is that it is probably made chiefly of pears; but if you say, ‘made with pears,’ you generally mean that you use a peck of pears to a ton of turnips, and the law cannot touch you – such are the niceties of our English tongue.”

  3. The sense of movement is palpable, and the colors are beautiful. Still, my first impression was of sea smoke — one of my favorite phenomena, and as random in its way as the arrangements you mention.

  4. This is AMAZING! Not sure how you captured the movement of the water while maintaining the clarity of the rock with its contents! It could be a movie poster! The colors are so beautiful. Calm and relaxing contrasting with the strong motion! Foam almost reminds me of smoke!

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