If you’re reading this, you’ve gone too far

Although specific identifications and its record of inspection are here,

I am intrigued by what doesn’t appear.

Nails and staples tell of placards and announcements which  proclaimed, directed, warned, and enticed.

Posted, Private Property, No Trespassing

Three Family Yard Sale, Saturday 12-4, rain or shine

Guess who’s turning 50 today? Happy Birthday Lisa

Anderson Wedding, next left

Auction, turn here

For Sale, ’94 Outback, next right then 1 mile on left.

And my favorite, If you’re reading this you’ve gone too far.


13 thoughts on “If you’re reading this, you’ve gone too far

  1. Ha 🙂 I’ve seen the ‘you’ve gone too far’ equivalent on the internet as well (software for internal use, nevertheless published on a public website, but with a comment like: downloading = trespassing). I enjoy spotting weird abandoned sites on the internet as much as I enjoy abandoned signs in real life … and I realize how ephemeral the first ones are compared to the latter.

  2. I was intrigued by the photo, and enjoyed your listing of the placards that might have hung there. With a little more looking, I realized I’d never heard of Osmose, so I went to their site, and was impressed with the company core values posted there. They even included the importance of saying, “Thank you.” How utterly retro — and delightful.

  3. I like your imagining what isn’t in there. I have a picture a sign that read “Beware Stray Bullets”. (Yikes!) On another something, was there a reply you had on a different image and now is gone? I was writing to you with E, a response, and now cannot find where to put it. 🙂

    • Ha! ‘Beware Stray Bullets’ reminded me of a story a friend told me just this morning. She is traveling Badlands National Park and visited an abandoned bombing range there. She came upon a sign that said, ‘Please contact a Ranger if you find un-exploded ordinance. Cellular phones can detonate these devices.” My immediate thought was that one must be very careful about how one goes about contacting that Ranger! With regard to a potential wayward comment … no worries … no worries at all! I hope you are E are enjoying this wonderful day … we’ve got full sun and blue skies here today. D

  4. I know a photographer who ran into a sign that read as your title … he got chased off by a gun-toting farmer who was none too happy with the interloper. Knowing the guy, I am sure he didn’t endear himself with his reply to the farmer which led to the chase.

    • I worry, more often, about unfriendly dogs. The other day however, at the Cape, I looked down from my finder to see that I was standing in a lush garden of poison ivy. I’m highly allergic. I was wearing shorts. After five minutes with dish washing liquid I switched out the shorts for long pants!

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