A bo[u]ld[er] view

When looking through the images I’ve posted over the last few months, it seems that my attentions have been rather narrow. In the literal sense, meaning lots of close work. The last wide shot I presented here appeared fully six months ago. Rather than consider the psychological implications of this limited view, let me rejoice in the vista I enjoyed from the summit of Mount Cardigan over the weekend. Here are a couple of others, if you’re interested in views of the NH/VT countryside. I am amazed to think of the many things which have changed since I last visited. I believe the openness of this shot mirrors a fresh view of ourselves, what we’ve accomplished, and of what’s still to come.


24 thoughts on “A bo[u]ld[er] view

  1. Rocks are always a good subject, they move so slow. I’m glad to be following Pairodox again. 😀

    • Hey Gary. You must be psychic! I was just thinking of you the other day, and wondering what you were up to. I certainly remember you, your photography, and your blog very well. I remember that you shut down comments on the old blog and then, if I remember correctly, you went private. In any case, I am so pleased to see that you’ve returned. Really. I look forward to more wonderful stuff from you. Thanks for signing on here. Dave

      • Thanks Dave,
        I am so glad to be back using my cameras again. I knew the only way to do it was to start blogging. I live in the city now, but have found some great parks and being retired allows me to travel. If I find a good spot I may even start stacking rocks again.

  2. That blue sky and the pristine clouds are so beautiful. I’ve not seen full sunshine in — well, quite some time — so this is a delight to behold. I did laugh at “Mount Cardigan.” Such a warm, cozy name for such a stark, if beautiful, place.

    • It is a beautiful spot and only cool at the very top. The hike was quite warm and we thanked the breezes at the summit. We worked up a sweat on the way down as well … it was a long day and we glad for a cool drink when we were done. A good time was had by all.

  3. Ah, this reminds me of a favorite rock at Acadia. Although most would first think of Bubble Rock</, a different one that I found seems a little more like this. Looks like a great spot to be at sunrise or sunset. Good in both directions?

    Little remains the same … even solid rock wears away albeit slowly by human time.No doubt that rock has been there for ages, a glacial erratic, and may remain atop the mountain until the wind erodes it or another glacier removes it.

    Those clouds say it was a beautiful day and your picture captures that brilliantly.

    • I hadn’t thought about sunrises or sunsets. But, think about it, either way I’d have to hike in the dark for more than an hour. I’m not entirely sure I’m up for that. There’s a fire tower not far from us that Joanna and I visited many weeks ago. I thought it would be a great venue for a photo. Wouldn’t you know that neither of us made it even half way … too scared! That’s why I’ll never be a great photographer … no guts.

      • I am not good with heights either. No fire tower will see the soles of my shoes. Hiking in the dark is a bit unsettling when not used to it. A good flashlight that lights up the night helps. I wear a hat brim accessory to spreads some good illumination on my path. Climbing a mountain in the dark is another thing entirely.

  4. Love your philosophy of life! Always a chance to do something new or make a change! Weird to see a post that does not include any green! Seems very fresh and clean. Enjoyed the landscape too. So expansive!

  5. How lovely! A hike with a view at the top is one of my favorite activities 🙂 I needed this today, thank you!

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