In search of

I admire the delicate networks of support and thoroughfares of supply and recall.
Economy of form.
Anabolic expression of symmetry and grace.
The reveal of molecular messages from a distant past.
Subject to the inevitability of decline, the constructions decay, but not before volumes of ancient instructions are set adrift. To be transcribed and, once again, translated into living tissue.
These messages reverberate. To be perpetuated in an unknown future and until the sun grows cold.
In your quest for vital forces think radiant energy, and the dynamic of interacting atoms.


13 thoughts on “In search of

  1. I’ve mentioned before that I was thought that science is “a way of knowing.” I was also thought that metaphor is a way we use to speak of that we do not fully understand. Today I see you are blurring the lines. Nicely done.

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