Retrospective thirty-nine (May 2015)

Given the way in which blogs are presented, I am convinced that posts which reside more than a scroll or two behind the most recent are doomed to languish and be forgotten. Because I believe there is value in looking at contributions from days, weeks, and even months ago, I present a post from the month of May, 2015. We were pretty busy through November of last year and the video presented here was the only post to appear during those seven months. This is the thirty-ninth in my series of retrospectives. If you missed any of the others, you can find them all by clicking Retrospective in the tag cloud in the sidebar. Retrospective forty will be posted in December.

19 thoughts on “Retrospective thirty-nine (May 2015)

  1. A nekkid sheep. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That was an interesting video. I sometimes wonder if could work a farm. Then I remember starting a stampede in Vermont once. I did do some little stuff but don’t know if I even have the kind of stamina anymore.

  2. Oh my goodness, yes, she did, did I not send an email describing as much? I apologize if I did not. They are properly installed in her bed. For a while the hawk was eating them. I understand what you mean above, for sure.

      • I’m not nearly that talented … Joanna has done mine for all of the time we’ve been married (and for a couple of years before!). A full cut doesn’t take that long these days … not much on top I’m afraid.

        • Well, that was tongue in cheek as I am also my own barber. One of the few things I have ever bought at Walmart was a clipper set that I have been using for the last 32 years or so … ever since “Johnny” gave me the world’s worst haircut (exaggeration alert) the day before our wedding. Like you, David, not much on top but it grows like a forest on my neck. Mary Beth takes care of that.

        • Sometimes a feel a bit guilty for shifting gears, so dramatically, as we have. Sometimes I feel as if I should have stuck with it and that only the weak turn-in-the-towel. But, in my clearer moments, I realize that we had done it for nearly a quarter-century and that change is good. Yes? No?

          • Or perhaps: only the wise have the insight, the courage, or the impetuousity to make a change. There’s much about Woody Allen I don’t admire, but I always have loved these words of his: “The longest journeys begin with a single step. The best journeys begin with a moment of temporary insanity.”

            • I sometimes feel that I am in a state of permanent “temporary insanity”. One of my all time favorite movie scenes comes at the end of Allen’s “Love and Death” where he dances with the Grim Reaper down a road lined with large trees.

          • Yes, indeed, change is good, but sometimes a challenge to let go of old habits๐Ÿ˜Š I’m imagining you feeling you ought to be doing something quite a lot! You have some wonderful memories though, of a well lived 25yrs … time for the next adventure now๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ’•

    • Good question. You could ask the same about raising livestock. I miss the animals … but not the work. With regard to shearing … I miss the process … but not the work. Did A enjoy her prokaryote and her eukaryote?

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