An odd response

Fungi, Plants, Animals
, Protists, and Bacteria. Different, and the same. Each grows to beget more of its kind.

I wonder, why?

Discount the facility of our own view as prurient. Discount our carnal sense and opinions steeped in anthropocentric bias. Love, passion, desire, lust. I cannot agree. To see how senseless, argue the same for any you choose, save you and me.

Perhaps we should recognize that butterflies replicate because they can. Better yet, think ribozymes when contemplating the ancient act of self-replication.

How wrong, you say, to think the answer may be found somewhere between the worlds of chemistry and physics.

I think it entirely correct to imagine that it may be found in an extension of first principles.

The recognition makes the beauty of nature even more unexpected.


6 thoughts on “An odd response

  1. It’s right you know. One reason and only one. Still, though we manage to find this thing called beauty in all that surrounds it. How entirely wondrous!

    … in other words, long ago I came to accept that there are many things beyond my comprehension and decided that instead of letting it bother me these would become things I would celebrate. Sounds like you agree 🙂

  2. I think that there is a bit more to it than just because they can, but I do agree that carnal instinct is not part of the equation for any save our species. One can argue that it is to our benefit and enjoyment that pleasure can be derived from the act, and possibly other organisms derive pleasure as well, but the drive to reproduce is a basic instinct for every living thing and we, as in many things natural, try to raise ourselves to a higher place.

    • Your last sentence captures it … and, in doing so, I think we’ve perhaps lost track of what it’s really all about. Thanks for taking the time to think about and comment on a post that my editor-in-chief suggested might be a tough-row-to-hoe.

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