The scale of things

The aspect was obstructed by neither winter blanket nor summer veil. Air echoed among those that watched.

She stepped lightly, sensitive to the living things beneath her feet.

There, she said. They are very small. Very pretty. She turned to greet them.

We are at ease in a world of tall, wide, deep, and heavy. I worked to reconsider my surroundings, to allow me to see as she did and at this uncomfortable scale. It was only when I stopped and concentrated that I managed. It was only when I focused, that the things she saw so easily, crystallized from out of that place I could not see. At a scale that mattered to them, these were beautiful things indeed. Growing. Developing, in swirled asymmetries.

The individuals you see here are sporophytic. As they grow, these Fiddleheads will unfurl to form the plants we know as Ferns. Sporophytes produce spores which disperse and germinate to produce gametophytes. Fern gametophytes are small and don’t look much like their sporophytic progenitors. Gametophytes produce egg and sperm which fuse to form the sporophyte once again.


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