A tacit deferment of the null

Chakras, crossroads of the subtle body.Arw

Meeting places of the nadi, pathways of the life force.

They say that chakra stones modulate activity at these places and that quartz will facilitate one’s connection with spirit.

Although I am dubious of the existence of chakras and of the efficacy of crystal healing, I considered it odd that we both thought to mark the place with quartz.

Arwen watched over those who watched over and protected the barns. She transitioned, recently, to that place near the Russell Hotel, the Heaviside Layer. She had a long life and was tired. It was an honor to have known a cat as Jellicle as she.

With thanks to messieurs Eliot and Webber.

POSTSCRIPT. At the risk of ruining the sentiment of this remembrance I must tell you that the Heaviside Layer does exist. It was theorized, at the turn of the twentieth century, by both Arthur Kennelly and Oliver Heaviside. It was subsequently shown to be a layer of ionized gas, forming part of the ionosphere. It reflects medium-frequency radio waves, thus allowing them to propagate beyond the horizon.

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