Birch2We walked.

We talked.

She said I don’t want to.

You don’t want to, what?

To leave a mark.

I did not understand.

They say, to be successful, you must leave your mark.


She turned to look at me. I don’t agree and believe quite the opposite.

I believe I will have been successful only if there is no tangible mark of my having been here.

I understood, deeply.

13 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. I believe I understand as well … in a physical sense. Offspring and positive deeds leave mark enough. No other is necessary. Having no offspring, I am hopeful for my deeds.

    • I hope you consider your photographic legacy, which is significant, as one of those deeds? It will be genuine, you know … whether you’d like to think about it that way or not. Your legacy of technical skill and artistic expression will continue on in all of those who have been lucky to experience them.

  2. Are these marks on my favorite tree … the birch? Wow. That’s a heavy conversation to have. I guess I will be content if my intangible mark will be the memories I leave my children and grandchildren.

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