Not my thing

I’m not quite sure what my photographic specialty is, or whether I’ve got one. What I do know is that, if I should have one, it isn’t wildlife portraiture. I have posted many images of livestock in the past. But livestock and wildlife are very different beasts. At least they are very different sorts of beasts when it comes to making photographs of them. This American Red Squirrel goes by the cumbersome bionomial, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus. This is, I believe, a female and she’s made herself known here in the last couple of days. We had been aware of activity among the Hemlocks and across the pond, but were always too slow with the binoculars. We were delighted to see that a small group had discovered drop seeds which had settled on the tarp covering our winter supply of cord wood. There are lots of images of these cheeky little mammals on the web, most of which are much more crisp than this one. In its favor I can say that the photo below is the only one I know of in existence of an American Red Squirrel, on my wood pile, in my backyard. Furthermore I thought that the image has some nice coloring going for it. Thanks for taking a look.


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