Not my thing

I’m not quite sure what my photographic specialty is, or whether I’ve got one. What I do know is that, if I should have one, it isn’t wildlife portraiture. I have posted many images of livestock in the past. But livestock and wildlife are very different beasts. At least they are very different sorts of beasts when it comes to making photographs of them. This American Red Squirrel goes by the cumbersome bionomial, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus. This is, I believe, a female and she’s made herself known here in the last couple of days. We had been aware of activity among the Hemlocks and across the pond, but were always too slow with the binoculars. We were delighted to see that a small group had discovered drop seeds which had settled on the tarp covering our winter supply of cord wood. There are lots of images of these cheeky little mammals on the web, most of which are much more crisp than this one. In its favor I can say that the photo below is the only one I know of in existence of an American Red Squirrel, on my wood pile, in my backyard. Furthermore I thought that the image has some nice coloring going for it. Thanks for taking a look.


20 thoughts on “Not my thing

    • Nope … they’re still running about and around the bird feeders. Joanna watches them so closely that she’s beginning to recognize individuals. Next … she’ll be naming them!

  1. You’ve made my day 🙂 I love the picture and I think you captured her feisty personality perfectly.

  2. Great image – on par with images of wild animals I found in collections of professional stock photos, in my opinion. It looks as if it was hesitating, not sure what to make of that human life-form 🙂
    Are your squirrels always red or does the fur change its color? I think ours can also show dark brown fur, even if it is the same species.

    • We’ve got this little Red Squirrel and a much larger Gray Squirrel as well. It’s interesting that you should ask about color because Joanna and I have been noticing specimens which fall between the two species, in terms of size .. yet they sport both gray and red coloring. We searched around for some information and discovered that many are mistakenly are under the impression that these are hybrids, when in fact they are simply immature Gray squirrels.

  3. I love squirrels. I had one as a pet for many years; an orphan rescued from the driveway before its eyes were open. You’ve captured the inquisitiveness of this little creature perfectly, as well as her willingness to evaluate the threat level you represent before making a run for it. It seems you were judged not much of a threat.

    • The many felines which patrolled the barns at Pairodox made the move with us here to Vermont. Harry is particularly fast and stealthy. When we noticed that he had been showing a bit too interest in these new visitors we shut him into the basement. His antisocial behavior was rewarded with a new collar and fairly large (and noisy) bell which he wears (with not a little shame, I think) around his neck. We get tremendous pleasure from watching our little band of squirrels and even let them trespass into the bird feeders … as long as they make off with no more than their share.

  4. It’s the same for me, David. I occasionally shoot some wildlife, but not often and others do it much better. You caught some nice personality here. Squirrels are great subjects with their inquisitiveness and hijinks.

  5. Animal portraits not your thing … are you nuts??!! How close were you to this little lady? Love her expression. Perhaps she’s wondering who you are and why you have a camera pointed at her face. LOVE how you blurred the background and have her in full focus. I am not an animal lover and yet I find this shot quite endearing. It made me chuckle! Is she holding something in her hands? You might have to rethink your specialty!

  6. She’s adorable and looks to be a serious and inquisitive creature. Charming rendition. Appealing. Wildlife photography should become “your thing.”

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