Retrospective twenty-seven (May 2014)

Given the way in which blogs are presented, I am convinced that posts which reside more than a scroll or two behind the most recent are doomed to languish and be forgotten. Because I believe there is value in looking at contributions from days, weeks, and even months ago, I present a gallery of images presented during May of 2014. Hovering an image will reveal its title. Clicking one will take you to a carousel view and you can either move through the collection or click the links to read each post in its original form. This is the twenty-seventh in my series of retrospectives. You may find interest in taking a look at the retrospective from two years ago and if you missed any of the others, you may find them all by clicking Retrospective in the tag cloud in the sidebar.

17 thoughts on “Retrospective twenty-seven (May 2014)

  1. I especially like “The Good Camera,” both for the image and for the humor. Not only that, when I came upon this phrase (“gametophyte, which will produce egg and sperm, which will fuse to form the sporophyte you see here”) I understood it, thanks to your prose accompanying the sensitive fern.

  2. Nice to see those pictures – when everybody else is sharing hills covered with snow and the like! 🙂
    I’ll stay away from social media for the next weeks; so I wish you nice holidays – may your creative juices keep flowing!

  3. Happy to see these colorful pictures of spring today. Outside my window all is gray and gloomy. “The good camera” and “twins” are my top picks.

        • I could have written that myself. “It’s been a funny year,” indeed. “Funny.” I wonder how we each would explain the use of that particular word? Certainly not ‘funny’ in the Ha-Ha-sense. Perhaps, in my case, ‘funny’ in the sense that perhaps several outcomes could not have been predicted this time last year? Who knows. But … we’re still standing too … and that’s all that matters. Hang in there. D

    • That weather pattern seems to be common among many who I have spoken with. We’ve had our share of clouds here in Vermont … but a few days of sun as well. It’s been mild and we’ve been wondering where winter is.

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