For George

Lambing season began today when we welcomed #1437 and then, a few hours later, #1438 and #1439 … all girls … a very propitious beginning indeed. This little one needs a name … do I hear any suggestions?


20 thoughts on “For George

  1. Gorgo of Sparta. (She was a wise woman. Daughter, wife, mother of kings.) I lost you and just discovered that you no longer show up to me! I came to find out about the babies only to find there are three! I love this little girl. Such a beautiful baby and such a wonderful portrait. She represents a new beginning. She will be strong and wise and produce many children. Thank you for honoring me in this way.

    • Oh my! George. I wonder how I fell from your follow list? I am so happy that you discovered the problem and are back on board. I did see that you signed up to follow and thought that was surely strange! Glad you liked the photo … shall we agree that she’s your namesake? George? Georgina? Georgiana? Georgia? You pick! Let me know. D

      • Georgie, of course. Remember the nursery rhyme:
        Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie,
        Kissed the girls and made them cry,
        When the boys came out to play
        Georgie Porgie ran away.
        I heard my share of that one in primary school. I don’t recall that it ever bothered me. After all, my own family called me “Gravel Gertie” from the old Dick Tracy comic because of my white hair. Chuckle… Those kinds of things, strangely, never made much of an impression on me! 🙂 I used a version of that as a password for a long time.

  2. She is a beauty! Love the composition and background of the picture. Makes me want to cuddle with her:) Must be a wonderful thing to be part of a lambing:)

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jenny. Georgina is an especially appropriate suggestion. Lambing continues here at the farm, in the midst of some pretty wet weather. Ten lambs running about at the moment, with many more to come. D

  3. June, Abigail and Katniss ( from the Hunger Games) come to mind! How did you manage to make the color of the background match her fleece so perfectly? There’s something special about the smooth background contrasting with her textured pelt. Another splendid animal portrait to add to your collection!!

    • Thanks, Shoreacres, for the suggestion. We will wait until we’ve got all the lambs present and accounted for before we assign names. Lambing continues at the farm and we currently have 10 little ones running about with many more to come. D

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