Art prints

I have been watching the ground. I have been watching, especially under the feeders, around the corn crib, and by the porch. I have been watching the feeders because of the constant activity there. I have been watching the ground deep inside the crib because that is a place where the snow doesn’t quite reach. And I have been watching the porch because the railings provide ample space for perching. I have been looking for places where the snow isn’t too deep, just a thin layer, and where there is something dark underneath. Flat places. My quarry is more likely found on cloudy days and may be hidden by the warmth of full sun. I have had a glimpse on calm days, for wind erases evidence of its passing. I compete with the barn cats, for they too stand vigil. Yesterday, after months on the hunt, I finally glimpsed my elusive prize, and so too did Tolly. I saw him dart and I quickly grab him by the scruff of the neck and told him that I did not need help. I scolded him, for fear he might mar my prize. I deposited the intrusive feline several feet away from my delicate subject. He returned, so I put him inside the corn crib. He could only watch as I moved to capture my unsuspecting prey. I approached quietly from above. I stepped lightly and with care as I looked about. There were so many. Which could I capture quickly, and effectively? Which was complete and in the best condition? I greedily focused my attention on two pairs. In a fraction of a second I had them. I opened the door to the crib and released the confused cat – poor Tolly.


18 thoughts on “Art prints

  1. I love this image – it captures the essence of the dainty, busy songbird. I really miss having birds at a feeder just outside the window. I’ve taken to befriending the pigeons at the train station here, and feeding them bits of granola bar or whatever snacks I have on hand. Usually they are thought of as a nuisance, but up close they are iridescent and really beautiful!

  2. I had to think of Chinese characters. Perhaps it was also the title? This image should really be printed on canvas and put on a wall in a simplistic ‘Zen-style’ home.

    • Our cat hunted the song birds in the back yard, and I once scolded him to leave “my” birds alone. I swear, he was an English-speaking lawyer in a past life, and caught me on a technicality — he continued hunting the birds, but would deposit their little bodies on the doorstep for me to collect in the morning. Those cats are indeed interesting (tricky) creatures.

      • You and Joanna were, I think, cut from a similar mold. Once, when she was looking out into our backyard, she saw a fox grab a layer hen and make for the woods. In a flash she ran out the back door, across the porch, and made for the woods …. ‘You drrrrroooop that chicken’ …. she yelled. And, don’t you know, the fox dropped the chicken and ran. He knew better than to mess with Joanna!

  3. Nice! The graphic nature of the prints and the perfect contrast of the black and white gives this such a strong and pleasing quality. Well planned and executed.

  4. So simple and graphic. Worth the wait! Did you have to enhance the darkness of the foot prints? Did Tolly ever get his reward? This snow cover is a lovely backdrop to dolls and foot prints. Impossible to create any other way!

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