The colors of spring

Because winter seems to have brought more than its share of snow and cold, time with the camera has been eliminated from the daily (even weekly) schedule. We have been spending much of our time keeping the stoves stoked, the animals fed and watered, the lane plowed, and the walks cleared. And so it is that I have been at a loss for material to post. The other day, however, I remembered that there were a few rough posts in my drafts folder. I hope you enjoy these images from the spring of 2014 and take them as a promise of things to come. I wrote, last May, I have been out with the camera a few times and have taken, almost as after-thoughts, some pretty botanical images. Because I didn’t think any could work as a post in its own right, and because I didn’t want any these to be forgotten, I’ve put together a gallery for you. Enjoy, clockwise and from the upper left, the Iris, Poppy, Maple, Yellow Flag, and Poppy once again.

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