A little to the left

This view of Lake Silvaplana was taken just a few degrees to the left of that which I showed the other day. It was also taken in late morning while the other was captured at sunset. It was difficult to determine, using Google maps, but my best guess is that the peak might be Piz Corvatsch (3,451m). We visited the lake as part of a day trip to St. Moritz which can only be described as having been bittersweet. The city has some very beautiful, and very old, churches and we were delighted to have seen the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic Bobrun which is the oldest bobsleigh track in the world and the only one that is naturally maintained (it doesn’t require refrigeration). The city held few other attractions for us, save some very excellent (and not too sweet) hot chocolate. The single thing of value that I brought home with me from that playground for the international jet set was an affirmation of what, after all of the fluff and nonsense is driven off, is important.


28 thoughts on “A little to the left

  1. Though I’ve never been a particular fan of the color blue, this winter I’ve been drawn to blue, brown, and gray combinations: especially when the colors are muted. This is the most majestic combination of the colors I’ve seen. It’s quite beautiful, and calming.

    • Thanks Linda. Like the image you previously commented on (the wire angels) this was another view that stopped me in my steps. Just the right combination of light, color, and vantage.

  2. Wow, wonderful capture David … so evocative of the mountainous heart of winter. I find coming to the nature of what’s important to be such a refreshing thing … allowing me to let go of lots of nonsense … very freeing ๐Ÿ™‚ I nearly missed this beautiful post as it didn’t show in my reader … phew … near miss!

    • As I have said in the past, and to the ‘other Steve,’ given its source, the approbation means much and is valued. Really. Although I think the best Swiss photos have been posted, Joanna differs in that opinion. Perhaps there will be a few more yet to come. My academic responsibilities start up once again, tomorrow, so I will have to work especially hard to find time to be out with the camera. I hope you have been out in the field yourself and that those gloves of yours have been keeping your fingers warm.

      • I feel your pain, David. As a semi-retired elderly ๐Ÿ™‚ gentleman, I only work 4 days now. So every time a Monday rolls around, I feel that all over again. Back to work. While I don’t aspire to capture the same scenes as many others have done, I am of the attitude that every scene is available to be captured differently from any prior effort given the right circumstances and artist’s vision. The light is different often enough, the conditions vary from season to season, it is possible to come up with something new and different. The gloves have treated me very well, although the last few days did not require them … I’m not complaining. I’ll post a new image later, but I wanted to catch up on all my replies to comments and everyone’s new blog posts first.

          • Do you remember Eaton’s Corrasable Typewriter Paper (it is now referred to as ‘Vintage’)? Ink eradicator? Correction fluid? If not for all of these things I would never have graduated from college. Roles magically modified. No worries, I do it more often than I like to admit.

            • Of course I remember all those. One of my faults is the lack of enough patience, I have much for so many other things, in posting on the internet that I often miss these typos until after I hit the post button. We still hand-write our sales slips at work and I use my share of “Wite-Out”.

    • Yup! You would have liked St. Moritz very much … as a case study in sociology, socioeconomic stratification, anthropology, human cultural development, human behavioral analysis, economics, finance, politics, human psychology … take your pick, evidence of all of it was right there.

  3. The reflection in the water is interesting. It looks windy, according to the ripples on top of the water. The sky is very dramatic as well. I love the grey bit and I really like the traces in the sky made by the planes. It is a very lovely shot.

    • Interesting. Joanna thought the jet trails were a distraction but I am in agreement with you … I liked them. There was a little wind across the water … and I think that adds a bit of interest and texture. I’m glad you liked the overall result.

  4. Again – an image like a painting! What I like most about it is the ‘unusual’ sky. Most images showing off the beauty of the Alps exhibit blue skies with hardly any clouds. This photo has this interesting formation of clouds, whose structure in a nice contrast with the snow and rocks of the mountains. In the middle the mountains seem to radiate a faint glow of cyan light – similar to the color of the sky to the right, but I think this is a psychological effect.

    • Thanks Elke. Joanna was sorry that the jet trails interrupted an otherwise uniform sky. I didn’t mind them. I’m glad you like the overall result. I also think that making this one come across as a painting works for this particular landscape … as if it were indeed a painting … I don’t see anything wrong with that. Thanks for your positive comments.

  5. Beautiful composition in stunning colours. I whizzed back and read your piece on St Moritz – these places need to be seen maybe once – after that, they quickly lose their appeal. The Silvaplana pic was stunning too, by the way ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • And, you know Jenny, that’s just the way Joanna and I viewed the place … like a study in social science or cultural exploration. It was as if we were on the outside, looking in, the entire time – very weird indeed. We felt so much more at home in the less-traveled parts of the city, looking at relic churches. Thanks for your positive responses to the images.

  6. Looks like a totally different place! In the last post, the water looks so dark, flat and 1-dimensional. What a difference daylight and reflection makes! A beautiful study in icy blue!

    • Thanks Steve. ‘Thumbs up’ from you mean quite a lot – really. I was out with the camera today for the first time since returning from Switzerland. The vistas aren’t nearly as dramatic here but Pennsylvania has a charm all its own, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale! It’s always nice to be home.

  7. This beautiful shot reminds me of the seeing Crater Lake for the first and only time in my life. The reflection was so crisp that one could hardly tell where the real ended and the other began. It was startling, and your picture brings it all back. Lovely.

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