A lens with a view

You may remember that I posted this first image nearly a month ago. If you are a dedicated follower, and one with a good memory, you will also remember that I posted something of a followup to that post a week or so later. That second contribution included a discussion of what I thought was the single, though significant, limitation of Nikon’s 14-24 mm lens which is considered a classic by those who know lots more about lenses than I do. The lens is limited in that it does not easily accept filters. The picture below was taken with a 24-70 all the way out and after having been fitted with a circular polarizing filter. Not a bad shot, but I thought it felt a bit cramped. I would have liked the view to be a bit wider.


This second image was taken with Nikon’s 16-35. Joanna and I happened to be walking along the same stretch where the first photo had been taken a month before. Although the weather was not propitious, I settled myself in the same spot to allow for this comparison. Perhaps I’m turning into something of a landscape photographer, for I am pleased with the somewhat wider view.  When I look into the finder I feel constrained if I cannot see what I see when I pull my eye away from the camera. With the eyes fixed, the human field of vision is approximately 120º both side-to-side and up-and-down.
I mentioned, in yet another recent post, that the 14-24 covers a field of view of 114°, the 24-70 covers 84°, and the 16-35 is more than halfway back toward the 14-24 with a satisfying 107° of coverage. The comparison is enough to convince me that the new lens was a good choice. I should mention that the weather was horrid on the day I took the second photo. We had nearly total cloud cover. Joanna walked on without me as I scrambled down the bank to spend time working with the camera. Upon her return she reported that she experienced two breaks in the clouds, one lasted thirty seconds and the other lasted twenty. I must have captured this shot in one or the other of those very brief periods. Not a great day to be out with the camera, but I was determined.


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