Time off

Late on Saturday Joanna proclaimed, We’re taking a day off. The house is clean, we’re caught up on the laundry, the lawns look great, and there’s nothing on the calendar for tomorrow. We’re gonna wake up early, pick up some coffee and drive north to Black Walnut Bottom on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. We’re going to ride north to Rattle Snake Rock, have a picnic lunch, and then ride back. Storms passed through our area on Saturday afternoon and drier air followed the front. We woke to blue sky and scattered clouds yesterday and were on the trail by ten … we were back at the house for afternoon chores at four … we had a glorious time.The steel truss railroad bridge shown below crosses the creek just above Cedar Run and below Trout Run. I love the names of the contributing tributaries such as Bull Run, Elk Run, Clay Mine Run, and Gamble Run. One wonders whether the stories behind the names come even close to those which I can conjure in my mind. If a new tributary should be born at our place, what could we name it? Folly Run, Learners Run, Bust-me-back Run? Surely not Pairodox Run, for where’s the story there? We did stop, according to plan, at Rattle Snack Rock for lunch and then walked the bike down to the Creek. A large group had chosen to lunch on the promontory, thereby precluding our enjoyment of the view. Not to be discouraged, we got back on the bike and headed south. We stopped north of Slate Run to dabble a bit in the shallows and white water there … stay tuned for more images.


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