The images gathered here were taken in Massachusetts at the end of June. When we returned to the farm, after a brief time away, there was much that needed attention. Evidences of the distant passage of Hurricane Arthur were about; the wind and heavy rains had brought down several large limbs and there was vegetable flotsam on nearly every horizontal surface. Once all of that had been cleared away, other things, such as the hay harvest and our crop of spring lambs, called for attention. Although I did manage to post a few images taken during our trip, a number of others got lost in the shuffle of a busy summer. Having to play catchup on such a grand scale was, in retrospect, a small price to pay for having been able to enjoy a few days breathing in the salt air and warm breezes of our summer-home-away-from-home. Cataumet is a special place and followers may recall that I have posted images from there before. Enjoy this contribution to a growing collection.

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