I had no expectation of stopping to photograph Sunflowers yesterday and did not leave the farm with the intention of doing so, but that changed when I drove by a field near the river. I usually pass this particular spot under cloak of darkness, on my way to satisfy my coffee habit. Yesterday, however, I drove by in the middle of the day. I turned from the main road and passed the field, perpendicular to its planted rows, and the view below caught my eye. I think most folks believe that, unlike fields of corn for example, Sunflowers are planted by broadcasting seeds across the soil. Maybe they get this impression because large expanses of Helianthus seem disorganized. Be this as it may, it isn’t true and commercial fields are planted by machine, in rows, to facilitate the work of the combine come fall. With regard to the photo below, I felt that desaturation of the background had the effect of emphasizing the distance of the plants in the background. I also liked the perspective of the road, the elevation of which was above the flood plain. The photo above was taken with the panoramic feature of my HX9V and in a field across the road from the one below. I was able to get this shot because this section of the crop occupies a low point in the otherwise uniform field. As such this area remained wet after planting; so wet, in fact, that the seeds didn’t take (or they did and the germlings then rotted). The result was a large weedy area completely surrounded by sunflowers. I was able to immerse myself in the field with only a few plants in the immediate foreground. It would have been fun to record a full 360º view of the surrounding plants, but this 180º shot will do.


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