The sincerest form of flattery

First Steve Schwartzman did it on August 7 … and then Stephen Gingold did it shortly thereafter on August 10. So now, I too, take the opportunity to present Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan) to you. Rudbeckia belongs to the plant family Asteraceae, previously known as the Compositae. The former label refers to the star-like appearance of members of the family while the latter describes their composite architecture. This may look like an ordinary flower but, upon close examination, you will discover that it is actually a composite of many flowers. The ray flowers are yellow (in this case) while the disk flowers are black. Steve Schwartman’s nice discussion of these flower types will provide more detail.Another

Now that you know the Asteraceae are comprised of two flower types, does the structure of a Sun Flower make better sense?

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