Retrospective seventeen (July 2013)

Given the way in which blogs are presented, I am convinced that posts which reside more than a scroll or two behind the most recent are doomed to languish and to be forgotten. Because I believe there is value in looking at contributions from days, weeks, and even months ago, I present here a gallery of images presented during July of 2013. Perhaps it will be interesting to scroll through these and to compare them to those presented during this past month. Be patient, it may take several minutes for all of the images to load fully. Hovering over an image will reveal its title. Clicking one will take you to a carousel view and you can either move through the collection or click the links to read each post in its original form. Note that this is the seventeenth in my series of retrospective posts. You may find interest in taking a look at the retrospective from a year ago and if you’ve missed any of the others, you can find them all by clicking Retrospective in the listing of tags in the sidebar to the right.

13 thoughts on “Retrospective seventeen (July 2013)

  1. Nice to see some old favorites. You certainly do have a wide scope of offerings. The colors are so intense. They really make you pay attention!

    • You must be extra-busy these days … this was posted on the 10th … that’s a whole week since! That delay is duly noted and will go on your work-performance-report. Yeah, yeah … only kidding … I know you’re busy. Remember Dad used to say, ‘Yes, sure, I’ll shove a broom up my _ _ _ and sweep the floor while I’m at it.’ Both Joanna and I recall that famous line several times each year … fondly, of course. D

      • LOL! I actually use that phrase quite often … not always out loud, but often in my head! When I receive your posts, I always look at them right away. Sometimes my comment comes immediately, sometimes I have to think it over first. Great thing about your images is that once you see them, you never quite forget them! Also, it’s a bit funny that we mentioned Dad when your comment was dated the 17th … his birthday!

  2. Ha – I was curious if I would remember those. I don’t although I commented on some of them. But this was the month I was nearly offline, and perhaps the experience and the way we remember something or not is different if we try to “catch up”?
    But I do remember the sun flower 🙂

  3. I must admit that I am guilty of the short scroll too. So I appreciate the opportunity that your retrospective offers … maybe I will go back for other looks when I have a little time. Very nice work done 7/13.

    • Thanks Seonaid. You know, it’s nice indeed when someone LIKES a photo. And it’s even nicer when something makes a comment about a photo. But, it totally makes my day when someone comments AND it’s clear that they’ve actually taken the time to read AND view … critically! Your comments are always so great because it’s clear that you really do read and you really do look and, most importantly, think about what you’ve read and seen. Thanks so much … as always. D

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