Better than expected weather

Perhaps I was being a bit negative this past Sunday, for our weather has turned out to be even better than that which was forecast.


I spent the afternoon cutting the lower field. I’ll rake tomorrow and, if all goes well, bale on Saturday. Ominous clouds passed the farm and Joanna’s good friend called to say that it had showered at her house, not four miles away! Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Better than expected weather

  1. It looks like flat out fun to me. Yes, I know you’ve done it a hundred times (and are probably sick of doing it by now) and it’s hot, hard work but, hey, it’s also done with noisy, powerful machinery and at the end of the day you’ll have lots to show for it. Like I said, my kind of fun πŸ™‚

    • Did I not get that memo to attend the meeting when we voted reductionism out of the office? And, pray tell me what’s wrong with a bit analytic reductionism every once in a while? Sorry for the sarcasm … but I cannot agree with those who shy away from a good question. D

    • Ugh! Yes … I suppose the large-dangerous-powerful machinery aspect is sort of cool. Actually, I enjoy the part which is all about keeping vintage machinery up and running. We had a bit of a problem with our rake on Saturday. It’s kind of a long story … but the thing has a bit of clutch on it. Well the gizmo that pulls a pair of meshing gears apart when transporting was slipping (and so did the gears) with a really loud BANG … sort of like a gunshot! Scared me every time it slipped. Crossed my fingers and ran with it for two more hours. Sunday morning we torn down the gear box and isolated the problem. Difficulty was that we had damaged what was probably a 50 year old oil seal gasket in the process (and, on a Sunday afternoon). Managed to get the thing back together however and it didn’t even leak … or BANG for the next six hours (final rake before baling on Sunday afternoon). Now, that was sort of fun. Also managed to get the hay crop in with no baler breakdowns. I swear that vintage Vermeer has a real personality … you have to treat it (and talk to it) nicely and it’ll run nicely for you in return. Yeah … when it’s over it’s fun (like right now) … but while you’re out there, it’s something a little bit less than fun. D

    • Managed to get the entire field in this afternoon. Had a bit of a problem with the gearbox on the rake, but managed to solve that problem in time for Joanna to rake ahead of the baler this afternoon. She’s tired. I’m tired. I’m looking forward to eight o’clock and B-E-D. D

  2. Congrats on having seized the moment! Have been thinking of you this week with our own hit-and-miss showers. Nothing of real consequence. I think you’re in the clear! Go for it! πŸ™‚

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