Helianthus revisited


Because an increasing number of local farmers have been growing sun flowers, I’ve had lots of opportunity to photograph fields of them in recent years. Two years ago I posted a shot taken just before harvest and last year I showed a nice specimen framed by a clear blue sky. A few days ago Joanna received a message from a good friend (and fellow photographer, Jess) reporting that a couple of plantings near her were in full bloom. Despite the heavy river mist and otherwise gloomy conditions I jumped in the truck and made for the specified locations. My first challenge was to find a way of using the stark, monochromatic, sky to my advantage. Then I thought I’d better capture something a bit less abstract or I would run the risk of Joanna saying something like, I sent you out to take pretty photos of Sun Flowers, and this is what you came back with?

11 thoughts on “Helianthus revisited

  1. Glad you took a few images to placate Joanna! I happen to like the wide range version that features some of the green foliage. It’s kind of a blend of the expected AND unexpected. Really lovely. Could have been taken somewhere in the european countryside. Just noticed that the close-up has a pattern in the center that Joanna might find in some of her lacy shawl patterns!

  2. These images are interesting for many reasons. For me especially because the sky is not blue. That came to my mind before I read the text – pointing out the challenges with these conditions. I feel most photographers indulge in the contrast of yellow petals and blue sky … so the white sky here is stunning (and as usual – that asymmetric placement of the horizon).

  3. We have a few spots where the sunflowers go to the horizon, but not many and this year seems to be a down one for them … at least in the locations I usually visit. Nice shots.

  4. So pretty … the mist softens the light beautifully leaving us with a slightly otherworldly feel. I love all these shots in slightly different ways! So glorious to see whole fields like this. I passed an enormous field of cabbages yesterday evening, but son rolled his eyes so dramatically at the idea of me photography something so ‘ridiculous’ meant I didn’t stop 🙂

    • Oh my … you didn’t stop! I read somewhere that one of the most critical rules for landscape photography is to ALWAYS STOP. I too am guilty of passing by something while driving along the road, and for the next 5 or 10 minutes I’ll say to Joanna, ‘Should have stopped, why didn’t I stop, didn’t have time, should have made time, that was a nice shot, missed the shot of a lifetime, why didn’t I stop, should have stopped.’ And she’ll say, ‘OK then, turn around.’ And, of course, I never do. Just think about all those hundreds of award-winning shots that you and have passed by! Argh! Next time … stop! And I’ll promise to try and take more time as well. D

  5. Lovely! We’ve just come back from France where the fields are full of sunflowers, turning their heads to follow the sun. Their French name is Tournesol – turn to the sun – very appropriate, I thought!

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