The heavens,

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  1. So gorgeous, David. Takes my breath away! Your post was equally beautiful and a lovely tribute to your friend. I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Thanks L. J says that you are doing well and I am glad to hear it. My great contribution to the world of philosophy has been the deep insight (I’m being facetious) that ‘Life is an oscillator.’ No matter how poorly we feel about this or about that, the thing that can always be counted upon is that it will get better – guaranteed. Hang in there, we’ve both been thinking of you. D

    • Hey there J. You know, the last time I received a message from ‘Anonymous’ and signed ‘Jim’ I asked if this was Jim S. … and there was no reply. At this point I’ll assume it is ‘you.’ You know what my dream vacation would be? To spend a week or so camping on one or another of the Shoals islands and recording the beauty of the environment there. Certainly the work of Peter Randall’s needs a twenty-first century update? I’ve got, in my mind’s eye, all sorts of dramatic shots. Certainly of the beautiful sun rises and sun sets … but also of the dramatic, rocky, coast and how the ocean interacts with it. I know I could attend one of the conferences, especially the arts conference. But, you know me, I’m not a social creature and wouldn’t enjoy everything else that went along with the chance to experience the islands once again. J and I thought briefly about signing on to stay at Star (a la carte) this summer … but it just didn’t happen. But this really is one of my greatest desires. Perhaps central PA has more to offer photographically, but I just don’t seem to be able to see it. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to boost my ego! D

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