Switzerland revisited

Few will remember a post, from nearly two years ago, in which I presented a gallery of images taken while in Switzerland as Joanna and I had the opportunity to travel there to attend the wedding of our daughter. Well, my sister recently asked if I could have one or two of those images printed for her to display in her home. Going back to the photo archives got me remembering much of that beautiful Swiss scenery. When I was in Switzerland I had not yet purchased my D600 but did have the trusty Sony HX9V along. It, in retrospect, did a highly commendable good job, I think. You might be interested to compare the image of the windowed-facade below with that which was presented in the 2012 post. Very different processing, using very different processors (GIMP in 2012, versus Adobe Lightroom in 2014). Before signing off I did want to take the opportunity to tell you about my daughter’s blog, The Scrappy Traveler. She’s been living in Switzerland for a good part of this last year, on her own, while her husband has been working to finish an academic appointment here in the States. Her blog is funny and discusses the trials and tribulations of adjusting to a new job, a new language, and new people and culture in a place far-from-home. It has all be quite the experience and has provided much for her to write about. Check it out, if you have time and inclination.


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