Illuminating an interloper

Although the blooms of Campsis radicans are more typically pollinated by hummingbirds, I discovered a number of opportunistic wasps scouting the depths of Trumpet Vine flowers yesterday afternoon in the side yard. I assumed the easiest way to ensure good illumination of the far reaches of the inflorescence was to position the sun at my back. This worked well enough, but to properly expose the bottom of the flower I needed to open up and, although you would have thought that this would have allowed for proper exposure of the wasp, it didn’t and the little beasts were underexposed and lacked detail. Opening up any further would have blown out exposure at the base of the flower. A good batch of thunderstorms was brewing and the afternoon was hot and uncomfortably humid. I was about to give up and seek refuge inside when I passed around the backside of the vine. The sun was intense and its light, now directly in front of me, illuminated the petals from behind, and this had the dramatic effect of setting the corolla aglow with a beautiful golden light. This illuminated the interloper nicely, don’t you think?


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