Keeping company

All I can tell you about the faux cat is what a Google search told me, which is that it is a ” … mid-century, Italian rope porcelain figurine.” It was a fixture in my mother’s home for as long as I can remember and lived with my grandmother for long before that. My mother is too generous with her belongings; when Joanna mentioned that she admired the piece it not-so-mysteriously appeared (three states and nearly 500 miles away from home) on our doorstep. I hope those of you who follow this blog know that I do not do cat portraits except on rare and special occasion. I thought the moment captured here qualified. Almost as soon as the ersatz feline entered the house Rugen (named after the Count from the Princes Bride) took a fancy and began spending time with her each morning. Rarely he’ll bring an offering of one or another of the toys which are scattered about but, more often than not, the two sit quietly. They don’t talk … but that’s OK with Rugen … he likes her very much, just the same.


15 thoughts on “Keeping company

  1. They make such a beautiful pair … how could you not snap them. Rugen does look a little surprised at your attention … perhaps it was the first time he had been captured on camera!

  2. Again an image that should have speech bubbles tacked on! I also marvel at the ‘cat frenzy’ on social media – but your image is definitely one of the most creative I’ve seen. That combination … ! The first thing that came to my mind was, Won’t he break it?

  3. Ha! Our cat bonded with the dog, which gave us little to leverage against the cat, being that the dog has a mind of her own and will do what she pleases. But imagine the mischief you could get up to by manipulating that figurine! I am not a cat person, nor is my husband. Cats came to us as a means of rodent control on the farm, and with our moving to an urban setting again we had an old tom cat under our care and whom we moved into the house. He stayed with us until he died last winter, always “the gentleman” and hardly a typical feline. He loved to lie under the piano while I played. He purred very loudly, and was a classical music fan. (The dog prefers the modern tunes.) We actually miss him quite a lot.

    • I’m not a ‘cat person’ either and consider all of our many felines Joanna’s. It is true however that they do have a habit of ingratiating themselves fairly effectively … and it is in this way that I have, for decades (literally) taken care of litter box responsibilities. Go figure. D

  4. There are those who believe that the Internet either (1) was created by cats and FOR cats or (2) is in the process of being hijacked for exactly that purpose by some evil feline overlord. Clearly Pairodox has now been overrun, and the occupation continues 🙂

  5. The best kind of friendship is one that doesn’t make you feel bad about your extra fingers! Very sweet picture of their bond …

  6. !LOL! Glad you made an exception in this case. Sometimes a simple composition speaks volumes! So happy Rugen has a friend! 🙂

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